About Us

Welcome family, old friends and new friends to our blog! Bronco is a husband and Finkus is a wife. Together we are Bronco & Finkus. For those how don’t know us well, we started as friends. More specifically Bronco started out as Finkus’ brother’s childhood friend and eventually a friendship blossomed between us as well.


Obviously we didn’t stay friends (we’ll let your imagination set the scene for how that played out at first)! On New Year’s Eve, with our loved ones close, we were engaged!


In 2012 we walked down the aisle, made vows and were hitched! It was the day life went from great to unbelievable.



Last year (2014) we’ve achieved our dream of buying our very first house! Along with our Chorkie, Wicket, we are making this house a home!

Bronco and Finkus? Hey, those aren’t your real names!

Ah, you caught us. We are lifelong gamers. Many nights have been spent playing video games together into the wee hours of the morning. To put it in perspective, the first big post-wedding purchase was a new Xbox 360 which we bought on our way home from our honeymoon… after we had been driving for over 13 hours. Keep an eye out for the “touches of geek” hidden throughout our home.

We derived the name “Bronco & Finkus” from our gamertags (username for video games, if the term is unfamiliar) when we were thinking about opening an Etsy shop. Work, school and a new house booty bumped that dream to the end of the line, but we loved the name too much to let it collect dust. So we decided to steal it for this blog!

We are so happy to have you here! Thanks for stopping by!