Woodland Nursery

Earlier in February 2015 we found out some thrilling news. We were expecting our first child October 2015! After much celebration with family and friends, we knew we had to get down to business. There is no way we could bring our chubby, perfect baby home to THIS!

room with white walls and brown carpet.

room with white walls and brown carpet.

room with white walls and brown carpet.

room with white walls and brown carpet and dated furniture
before purchase

Everything part of this room needed an extreme makeover and that 36 weeks began to seem like a lot less time. Since it was far too early to know what the sex of the baby was, we decided to go for a gender neutral theme. We had come across an amazing artist and author called the Black Apple (Emily Winfield Martin) on Etsy. She makes some of the most beautiful, whimsical pieces of art and writes equally wonderful books. One particular book, Dream Animals, ended up being our inspiration for the nursery. We were even able to purchase prints from the book and found two that were perfect centerpieces for our room! Our aunt Melissa purchased two of Martin’s books, Dream Animals and The Wonderful Things You Will Be for our baby shower. Needless to say, we were pretty stoked.


Dream Animals by the Black Apple
Dream Animals Fox Girl Print by Emily Winfield Martin
Boy riding a bear - Dream Animals art series
Dream Animals Bear Boy Print by Emily Winfield Martin


We wanted our nursery to be very Wes Anderson-esque and found some really great inspiration around the web!

wooldand theme nursery
woodland theme

woodland theme

clan of the cave beat theme

We felt we had a really great idea of the type of look we wanted for the nursery. The next step was to get the room in decent order. This meant new floors, fresh paint, new trim and new electrical switches/outlets. Our sister, Britni got us going by painting our walls a lovely shade of Secret Passage gray.




After that, the room quickly transformed into an updated beauty. We ripped out the tile sill and replaced it with a much prettier one as well as added molding around it.

 The floor came together very quickly as well!


We were now ready to move onto the fun part, getting ready for baby! New furniture, new closet shelves and lots of decor!

See you next time!