Hermia the Hallway: Farewell to Pink and Beige

We had not even finished unpacking before we were making our first home improvement battle plan. We were to attack the hallway first. It was small and weak. Surely it would be a two weekend battle at best!  We quickly found that the hallway, though she be but little, she is fierce. And she began like this:






She was an image of beige and pink and it was that pink that had to go first. We ripped out the well-loved, 30 year old carpet with satisfaction. Even the bare particle board was a welcome update!

hallway stripped down to just subflooring

With bare wood under our toes, we were ready get some paint on the wall! We decided early on we wanted board and batten (thanks Pinterest). With this in mind, we used painter’s tape to split the wall where the board and batten would begin.

n the next few photos you can see the glimpses of the new ceiling and lighting! Derek used a drywall texture technique called Knockdown to create a beautiful texture on the ceiling to replace the interesting original. We then  painted it with pure white ceiling paint and added two dimmable recessed lights which really made the hallway pop! Unfortunately, we have lost the photos showing the ceiling progress but never fear! We will go more into lighting and ceiling when we come to the great room.

hallway stripped to subfloor with Wicket standing at the top of the stairs
Wicket never fails to photobomb

We decided to paint our main rooms Anonymous by Behr in a satin sheen. It is a sophisticated, crisp gray that really gave the hallway a pretty, posh look!

hallway where the top half is painted gray and the bottom half the original beige color.

For the bottom half of the hallway we painted Ultra Pure White by Behr in semi-gloss as this would later be board and batten.

hallway where the top half is painted gray and the bottom is painted white.

Next time we will be shoving the floors and stairs into the Face/Off machine to turn these ugly ducklings into swans.


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