A Month?!

Has it already been a month since our last post? Yeah, definitely been a month and a crazy one at that! Derek started school last month and boy has it been rough! We had the crazy idea that half term classes were the way to go this summer. Take a full semester, cut the time in half. Thats our life for the last month! Derek’s been a trooper, can I tell you! He wakes up earlier, goes to work on hot cars all day only to go to a 3 hour class after work on Monday and Wednesday. Every other day he is shackled to his laptop doing mountains of homework or working on the house and yet manages to pamper the crap out of pregnant me. Can we hear it for the boy!?

At a much needed retreat to Park City with the fam. Mishon and I bullied Derek into letting us straighten his hair.

Scary news, Derek also got into a accident in early in June. Everyone was okay thankfully, but it was the last ride of the Brave Little Toaster. Good bye old friend.



We just barely got a new car last weekend. Yes we were a one car family for the last month, going completely opposite ways every morning! It actually wasn’t as bad as it sounds. I loved the extra time I got with Derek in the morning and after work.

We have still been working on the house! I finally bought some much beloved art from the Black Apple for the nursery. I would buy everything she makes were I rich woman. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will get to share our finished nursery! The nesting is real, folks!

Dream Animals – the Black Apple

The dogs are still learning to love each  other. Ellie insists on harassing Wicket from the minute she wakes until she passes out. She is not his favorite for obvious reasons.

Whose messy car is that? Not ours!


Do not be fooled, she is a terror!


Ellie understands love of maternity pillows.


One of the rare moments Ellie wasn’t attacking Wicket.

She does have Asher Badasher though! He is the only one who can keep up with her!


As promised, I’ll be posting about the doors soon. Promise!

See you soon!

-Shandice (Finkus)