We Bought a House!

An early evening shot of our first house
An early evening shot of our first house


We finally did it! We bought a house!

We dreamed about our first house long before we said “I do”. We didn’t have a penny saved before we daydreaming of lot sizes and the number of bathrooms our house would have. Hours of HGTV do-it-yourself made us positively home giddy. We could almost feel the poof of drywall dust from demolition (we came to find that drywall dust is far more evil than magical). So when we walked into this house (now our house) and saw the pink, 80’s throwback carpet and mother goose wallpaper we knew that this was it.

As we floated through every room, we imagined how just a little paint here and new flooring there could make this place look like a million bucks. According to all of our television research, this work would be fairly easy to do (after the obligatory dramatic “disasters”) and would fit neatly into one hour episodes. By the end of summer we would be throwing a housewarming party in our newly renovated master piece. The Property Brothers would flutter out of left wing to give us congratulatory eye twinkles of approval.

A few hundred signatures and a fat chunk of our savings later, we were walking into our own DIY Eden. We were about to realize the not-so-fun but still pretty cool part of DIY that ends up on the cutting room floor.

We’ve made this little blog to share our home adventures without pelting you, our loved ones, with a flurry of sporadic updates on multiple platforms. We are about 6 months (3 months of which we spent recovering from 3 months of reno) into the home beautification, so we will spend the next several post updating everyone on the progress so far.  So here it is. Our ever-developing story of home improvement and life in our very first home.

Thanks for tuning in!

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